Miner by day, Musician by Passion!!

keith Mlauzi

Its not about the the money!!!

From the mine shafts she makes good music and from music she gives back to community .

Music is a street to fame and money, but not for Nomalanga who chooses to look at a different path as making money is not on her top list, but charity takes priority.

An emerging musician Nomalanga Tshuma is one artiste with a heart of gold and ready to give it all for a good cause.

The muso launched her debut album; Your Grace on the eve of Christmas and says she will be giving away her royalties from the album.

“I am not into music for the money but i want to help the girl child, through my lyrics I’m relaying a message of hope and empowerment, most of all i want to give out my royalties to charity,” she added.

The songstressĀ  says she began singing from a very tender age and helping the needy has always been top of her priorities in life.

“I began seeing when i was very young, music is what i live and breathe, so its something that has always been part of my life as far as i remember,” said Tshuma.

Tshuma hopes to get much international recognition for her initiative.

“My wishes are to take my girl child empowerment programs to the whole of Africa and teach other musicians that its not always about making money but putting smiles of people’s faces,” she concluded.



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