Mukupe turns up heat on Bushiri… Says Saturday its game on

By Keith Mlauzi

In the audio clips below, former Deputy Minister of Finance sounds very angry with South Africa-based preacher, Shepherd Bushiri whom he accuses of having engaged in an adulterous relationship with his wife Rachel.

Last week Bushiri came out refuting the allegations and in the audios Mukupe is adamant that the two were intimate.

Angry Mukupe says the sexual acts between his wife and Bushiri were cult acts and spiritual.

“Rachel and Bushiri were exchanging spiritual powers when sleeping together,” Mukupe said

One of Bushiri’s drivers told Mukupe that he used to drive Mukupe’s wife to Bushiri’s hotels at night around twelve midnight but could do nothing about it since it was two consenting adults.

Mukupe also demanded the R100 000 he gave to Bushiri as a seed.

“Bushiri has never dealt with anything like me before, I want my R100 000 back”

“I will be in south Africa next week and I’m going to rock up at his church, I will not only destroy him in Zimbabwe but everywhere,” Mukupe said.

Mukupe added that he could use his political prowess to organize demonstrations against Bushiri.

“He doesn’t know as a politician its easy for me to organize a thousand people to demonstrate against him outside his church, im a good friend of the media,” added Mukupe.

He said he will unleash the dogs on Saturday.

He added, “Saturday its game on, im starting my moves and when im done with him, Bushiri will never set his foot in Zimbabwe, watch.”

Source Pindula/Newsguard

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