‘Bond money is useless’

Former MDC legislator Norman Mpofu has said the Bond money in Zimbabwe has been rendered useless and the authorisation of some firms to trade in forex is a clear sign that the local currency is no longer worth.

He said Zuva Petroleum, a Zimbabwe Fuel Company has been allowed to sell fuel in American Dollars.

“That is a very loud message that bond is f0r the povo. Another message is that our leaders do not have confidence hence the do as I say not as I do message sent by the Zuva issue,” Mpofu said.

“Again the message is loud and clear that Zimbabwe is an Animal farm Government. Some animals are more equal than others. Shockingly the same Zuva company represented by Adv Nelson Chamisa won a landmark court ruling reversing all the gains made by labour unions over years.”

“I refuse to be cheated by other mortals. With immediate effect I will do all my business in foreign currency especially the rand which is common in Plumtree.. I will reluctantly accept the bond worse swipe and Ecocash in my dealings.”

He urged all my customers to openly buy with Rands in his shops.

“I announce that in return I will be buying my neighbours cattle in rands Ngikhathele ngamanga ka Mthuli.( I am tired on Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s lies.)” he said.

Source – Byo24News

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