The government has hiked the fees for applying for passports. The increase in the passport fees comes after months of the Registrar General’s department complaining that the current passport fees are inadequate.

The government announced the passport fees following Tuesday’s cabinet meeting. In the cabinet media briefing, the government announced that the passport fee for an Ordinary passport is now ZWL$150 from ZWL$53. This represents a 190 percent increase.

The passport fee for an Emergency Passport, on the other hand, is now ZWL$600 from ZWL$263. This translates to a 130 percent increase.

The government expects that the hike in passport fees will lead to an increase in passport production as the Registrar General’s office has a massive backlog.

The backlog has turned the passport into a very valuable commodity which some desperate Zimbabweans spend days queueing for at the passport offices.

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