Matutu Tsenengamu apologize for Corruption claims

In a very stunning development, suspended Zanu-pf youth leaders who recently caused a stir within the ruling party after naming and shaming individuals associated with the President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputies have shockingly, ‘retracted’ their claims on state-run national television, ZBC.

This comes after the corruption crusaders, suspended youth secretary Lewis Matutu and political commissar Godfrey Tsenegamu were recently given marching orders over their ‘misguided activism and failing to follow procedure .

The youth leaders earlier this month named businessmen Tafadzwa Musarara as well as oil moguls Kuda Tagwirei and Billy Rautenbach as the people behind the suffering in the country during an explosive press statement.

However, their anti-corruption campaign seems to have backfired and have been forced to make a dramatic u-turn in their corruption claims.

Watch video below……

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