Chamisa Says He Will ‘Wait’ For Mnangagwa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa on Tuesday told journalists that there is nothing he can do except wait for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to come to the negotiating table.

Chamisa added that he had weighed other options available to him and concluded that they came with dire consequences.

He said: “I have tried to help but I have hit a brick wall, all I have to do is be patient. I could have taken the hard and tougher route in dealing with this matter, but I know the consequences that come with being hard, so I will wait.”

Chamisa has consistently rejected Mnangagwa’s victory in the 2018 elections, insisting that they were rigged.

While both Mnangagwa and Chamisa say they are willing to talk to each other, they differ on the nature of the dialogue.

Mnangagwa has told Chamisa to join fringe opposition parties under the
Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) forum but Chamisa is pushing for dialogue mediated by former South African President Thabo Mbeki.

Chamisa claimed that Mnangagwa is no longer answering Mbeki’s calls. Mbeki was expected to return to Zimbabwe in December to continue his facilitation role but has not set his foot in Harare since last year.

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