Zimbo Models Dating Same Guy As Intimate Photos ‘Leak’ On Social Media

Double Play!

Zimbabwean models Yellow Chyna and Nazirah Omar were outed as dating the very same guy thanks to social media sleuthing and pictures.

The pictures show the models striking intimate poses for a mirror selfie with the same man.

The guy has been identified as SpaxxKruger, a player in the entertainment industry according to his Instagram handle.

With both models electing to keep their social media accounts private there is no telling if this was a mere coincidence and said guy decided to moonlight as a model who was doing a photo op on different occasions with the ladies.

Nazirah Omar describes herself as a model,actress,tv presenter and promoter.

She has worked with Brands like Coco-cola,Primmy Hair, Djees Nails,Mukukuzvi, on the movie and House of stone.

Yehlow Chyna is a Zimbabwean model born Melissa Masuka. She is of mixed ethnicity, her mother is Chinese while her father is Zimbabwean.

She once hogged the headlines following an
Instagram spat with rapper KikkyBadass over a photo in which the latter was scantily dressed.

Omah and Chyna are yet to comment on the matter which has spread like wildfire on social media and the comments were not sparing either.

Here are some of the comments

“I can’t be the only one who doesn’t know who the fxxk these people are” said one follower.

“Valentines is coming” chipped in another

“Im 100% sure the guy has a toothbrush he keeps there that his girls use they both think its theirs but they are Sharing the toothbrush and the man ” cackled someone else
“You can clearly see has a type. Anoda tuma yellowbone slender tusina pfungwa ” another follower shaded
“Same phone same position same poshto” the irony is not lost

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