KFC shuts doors after employee gets infected with Coronavirus

In yet another disturbing case, a KFC employee in China working with food preparation and on the counter serving customers has reportedly been diagnosed with coronavirus.

The infected staff member worked at the fried chicken fast-food chain in Xian, Shaanxi province, Daily Mail has reported.

KFC is among a series of US franchises in China that have decided to temporarily close restaurants over fears of the spread of coronavirus that has killed more than 800 people.

Currently, over 37,000 cases of deadly infection have been confirmed worldwide that has struck in 25 countries.

However, KFC said it could not say exactly when the restaurants would reopen and that more stores could close. Last week the company based in Shanghai launched what it termed ‘contactless’ delivery to avoid spreading the virus through food delivery.

A number of footages on the Chinese social media site, Weibo, depicted delivery drivers having their temperature taken before donning Hazmat suits and face masks before disinfecting all food packaging and leaving the restaurant.

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