‘Targeted’ 13 year old involved in accident

A 13 year old girl alongside her driver and body guards were involved in an accident yesterday along Harare Bulawayo highway.

A teenage girl identified as Linda (Not real name) who is believed to be from a rich family residing in Borrowdale Brooke , is suspected to have found her self in cross fire of a business political battle.

A source revealed to Newsguard that Linda is close to a certain rich young CEO (name withheld) that has Political back, therefore the accident could have been crafted to hurt anyone close to the CEO.

The source says the accident was suspected to be a hitmen mission.

“A toyota navara was following them and there was another car in front of them ,i’m not sure which ,but the car in front of them made a unwarned u turn and the car at their back hit them ,their car made 3 spins and then landed like in the pictures,” said the source.

Reports have it that the teenager died on the spot but her family has dismissed this as fake news but confirmed that the accident happened.

“She and her driver and two minders had an accident heading to Harare from Bulawayo. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and I would like to dismiss the news that she passed on the spot,”read a statement from the family.

More details to follow …

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