Trevor Noah snubs Mother?

Trevor Noah was in South Africa and on Friday alongside Rafael Nadal took on Bill Gates and Roger Federer in Charity Exhibition Tennis match .

The match was organised by the Roger Federer Foundation with proceeds from the event used to support the education of children in Southern Africa.

Despite a solid performance, Noah and Nadal lost by a narrow margin in a thrilling match that kept spectators on the edge of their seats.

With the world celebrating the renowned comedian and host of the Daily Show, his mother Patricia Noah seems to think otherwise after revelations that she learnt of her son’s trip to South Africa from the internet.

When asked why she was relying on the media to know her son’s whereabouts she responded:

“Please understand, as a businessman, he can’t always report to his mother about his movements. It’s not about the relationship. Even Cyril Ramaphosa doesn’t tell his mother about all his movements.”

Patricia Noah also confided to one official close to Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini of how she felt abandoned by her son who she assumed had found a new family in New York. Adding to her frustrations was the fact that at times over 8 months would allegedly pass without the two communicating.

She added:

“He is living in New York and I am living here in South Africa, I don’t have to be attached to him, he is running his business and I am taking care of mine.”

Despite the supposed breakdown in their relationship, Patricia confessed that she was proud of her son and did not need to talk to him every day to be a part of his success.

There were also claims that Patricia wanted to capitalise on her son’s newfound fame and money but she refused them. In her own right, she has her own money and runs a Property company

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