Man Loses $6000 At Avondale Shops Car Park

Crime is on the increase in Zimbabwe and innocent citizens are bearing the brunt of the economic challenges.

Things have gone so bad that even secure parking areas with security guards are now being frequented by smash and grab hoodlums. An unidentified 50-year-old man lost $5900 and a pistol he had left in his parked car at Avondale Shopping Centre in Harare.

Smash And Grab At Avondale Shops
The victim had left his car unattended and entered a supermarket and upon returning, he discovered that his vehicle had been broken into and the money missing.

The Authorities have urged citizens not to leave valuables in their vehicles as this gives criminals a target, leading to loss of property. The report was shared by The Zimbabwe Republic Police on their Official Twitter Handle.

“A 50-year-old man parked his car at Avondale shops & went into one of the supermarkets. On coming back he discovered that his car had been broken into & a star pistol and USD5 900, 00 had stolen. The public is warned against leaving insecure firearms and cash in vehicles.”


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