Cop chases Zanu-PF youth leader with axe

Zanu-PF Matabeleland North youth chairman Tamuka Nyoni ran for dear after an angry police man chased him with an axe for allegedly bedding the law enforcement agent’s wife.

Witnesses said the the incident happened in Lupane recently at a burial of a local resident. The name of the policeman and the woman in the centre of the fight were not revealed.

They said the police man, who has clashed with Nyoni before, waited until the burial service was over before pouncing on the Zanu-PF youth leader.

“The policeman was calm during the burial of the local member of the community. However, when proceedings finished, the police man went berserk baying for Tamuka’s blood,” said a witness.

As the drama unfolded, fellow Zanu-PF colleagues and members of the security arms were watching.
“Everyone was just stunned watching the drama with Tamuka in front and the police in hot pursuit.

It was an open secret that Tamuka was sleeping with the woman so everyone did not want to intervene in solidarity with the policeman,” said the witness.

Nyoni and the policeman were not available for comment.

Source – Byo24News

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