‘Men no longer love light-skinned women with huge behinds’

A top socialite in Kenya has ruffled feathers on social media across the African continent after she declared that women who lighten their skins or enlarge their behinds suffer from the need of validation from people, and that men nowadays do not like curvy women or those who are light skin.

Socialite Huddah Monroe apparently launched the scathing attack against longtime rival, the curvy Kenyan lady by the name Vera Sidika, on Friday, February 7, afternoon. However, the tirade flew out of control and men and women alike from as far as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and beyond “caught feelings” and latched onto the conversation.

Monroe strongly insinuated men are no longer interested or rather moved by women with big derriere.

She stated in an Instagram status update through which she also said light-skin women no longer turn men on as well.

”Extremely huge boot*es are out of style. Being light skin is no longer the sh*t,” Huddah wrote.

The socialite held that people who go at extra lengths to enlarge their behinds and lighten their skins are just doing harm to themselves emotionally by seeking validation from people.

Huddah said such people will end up dying out of rejection since people no longer love the things they are working too hard to add on their bodies.

”That goes to show if you live for people’s validation and acceptance, you will die out of rejection. Do you.,” she added.

The lass also used the opportunity to reveal how much she regrets boosting her mammary glands all for a man who did not end up marrying her.

She advised ladies to learn from her and not make such mistakes because men will not appreciate them still.


According to the socialite, her boyfriend gave her over KSh 3.5 million for the boosting but left her in the end.

”If there is anything i would have told my 20-year-old self ‘Do not do your bebes’. I did mine for a man who did not end up marrying me. He funded that thing, gave me KSh 3.5 million plus flight, hotel and shopping. God forgive you,” she wrote.

Huddah did not mention names as she just threw a stone in the dark but to some quotas it was a blow aimed at specific ”suspect”.

Her ”advice” came out as an indirect attack directed at Vera Sidika, her all time nemesis.

To many, Vera fit the bill perfectly well since she is known to have lighten her skin and pumped her ”sitting allowance”, all to attract potential clients; men. It should be noted Vera and Huddah have been exchanging blows online for sometime now.

From calling each other bad names to openly interfering with each other’s businesses, the two have done it all, and the cat-fight seems to be far from the end.

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