High Court Kicks Marry Chiwenga Out Of Her Matrimonial Home

Justice Pisirayi Kwenda, has upheld the appeal made by Vice President Chiwenga seeking Mubaiwa’s bail variation; particularly that she provides another address of residence and that she submits her other diplomatic passport.

Justice Kwenda barred Mubaiwa from returning to her matrimonial Borrowdale mansion until her matters before the courts are finalised.

“The respondent’s husband, who is the complainant in the attempted murder case, is living at the matrimonial home.

“I only became aware of that through this application. I would not have allowed a situation where the parties live under the same roof and expect them to peacefully co-exist under one roof especially considering that there is a pending attempted murder against the respondent.

“I, therefore, find that it is in the interests of justice to vary the accused person’s residence on the two bail orders under the circumstances. Consideration must be given that the respondent cannot reside at two different addresses at the same time,” ruled Justice Kwenda.

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