Genaro says final goodbye to #Rhythmcity

David Genaro Resigns From Rhythm City

Rhythm City fans will be left heartbroken after news emerged and confirmed that fan favourite, David Genaro, played by Jamie Bartlett is set to leave the show.

Genaro’s role in the show comes to an end as he is focussing on other projects. He has been on the show for 13 years. His last episode on the small screen will be on the 5th of February.

David Genaro Quits Rhythm City
The loud spoken and gangster Genaro will certainly be missed by both his co-stars and legion of fans he had amassed over the years. He is a character you love to hate.

A co-star who preferred not to be named said the show would never be the same without Genaro. “When you say action, he immediately switches from being sweet Jamie to being the mischievous David and I’ll miss him for that.”

Another colleague only had the most positive things to say about the talented Jamie.

“He’s been there since RC started and really captivated his audience. He’s irreplaceable and we’ll truly miss him.”

The Rhythm City team is set to host an exclusive celebration, in honour of the work and impact that Jamie Bartlett has contributed to the show.

His character is that of a mastermind and often people have wondered if he follows script or he just comes up with his own lines.

It is yet to be seen if David Genaro’s exit will affect the show’s ratings. His current script had fans glued onto their tv’s.

This is however not the first time David Genaro has left the show as he was killed a few years ago and only returned after a few months due to the show’s low ratings.

It could not be ascertained how he will leave the show but Rhythm City fans can guess it has something to do with Suffocate and Khulekane with whom he currently has major beef with.

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