Marry Accuses Chiwenga Of Fabricating Charges To Keep Her In Prison

VP Chiwenga’s ex wife Marry Mubaiwa has said that he fabricated assault charges against her through her child minder so she could be carted off to prison again.

Marry Mubaiwa has appealed her freedom at the High Court after being denied bail at the Magistrate’s court for having a propensity for violence.

Marry through her lawyers has denied that she slapped Delight Munyoro with the back of her hand following a heated dispute at Hellenic School in Borrowdale on January 28.
Her lawyers said the charge was fabricated by Chiwenga who is allegedly manipulating the legal system to oppress his wife and win the divorce case.

They raised the fact that Chiwenga had tried to get Mubaiwa’s bail revoked by claiming that she was hiding a second passport, which was later found to be in Chiwenga’s possession.

“The likelihood of him (Chiwenga) having engineered the assault charge in order to achieve what he failed to by lying about the passport was a factor the magistrate ought to have taken into account,” the lawyers said, said adding that Munyoro was Chiwenga’s servant and as such was likely to obey his instructions.

The lawyers admitted that there was an exchange of words between Munyoro and Mubaiwa.

This was after Mubaiwa’s kids two older children, whom she had before marrying Chiwenga told her that Munyoro had instructed the couple’s younger children aged eight, seven and five to shun their other siblings.

“At the end of the day on January 27, 2020, the appellant (Mubaiwa) received reports from her older children that the younger children had shunned them. When she asked about their behaviour, they advised that Delight Munyoro, the woman who looks after them, had strongly warned them not to speak to their older siblings,” the lawyers said.

During a heated dispute Munyoro allegedly told Mubaiwa to be thankful and grateful that she was caring for the children as their father obviously cannot look after them.

There was no physical altercation as Munyoro was sitting in the car with armed personnel.

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