Harare City Council to install water Kiosks

The City of Harare will install paid water Kiosks and drill boreholes to benefit dry suburbs like Mabvuku and Tafara after the African Development Bank (AfDB), extended a $16 million facility to the council, The Herald reports.

The Acting Harare Water director Engineer Edmore Chawasemerwa, said:

From the money that we have been promised by African Development Bank, it is mainly targeting to assist vulnerable communities. So, we are going to drill 25 boreholes in Harare South, then 20 each in Mabvuku, Tafara and Caledonia.

We are going to develop boreholes in such a way that, for the beneficiaries to access water, one has to be in possession of a swipe card as a sign to show that one has paid to access the water,” he said.

People should know that water is not for free, they have to pay for it. Water (from the boreholes) will need to be treated and when the borehole malfunctions, it will need to be attended to and this needs money.

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