VP Chiwenga rejects water at the National Day of Prayer….as poisoning fears escalate

POISONING fears in Zimbabwe’s presidium have escalated after Vice President Constantino Chiwenga on Saturday refused to drink water at the Zimbabwe Indigenous Churches organised
National Day of Prayer in Harare.

The incident follows various conspiracy theories ignited after Chiwenga spent close to four months in China where he was seeking medication after an alleged poisoning scare.

Since his return Chiwenga has been refusing to consume any form of food stuff at public events.

He refused to take a glass of champagne at the official arrival of a new Air Zimbabwe aircraft last month, choosing to spill the glass’ contents on the floor.

On Saturday, Chiwenga was offered a glass of water while he was introducing President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the church organised event.

He blatantly refused to take the glass in full glare of the congregants.
It sparked further speculation that there is trouble in paradise amid reports of emerging factional wars in the ruling Zanu PF.

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