Chamisa Struggles With Interviews in South Africa

Nelson Chamisa had three television interviews in South Africa this week in which he struggled to answer certain key questions.

First Interview – eTV (7.70 Minutes)

In the interview at eTV, Chamisa spoke about giving dialogue a chance.
On Mbeki, Chamisa said Mbeki initiated the meeting they had with him in December and everyone is now waiting for Mnangagwa to come back as he is the one who requested to consult.

Chamisa says he has also heard that Mbeki will be back in Zimbabwe in February to continue the negotiations.
Chamisa was unclear on what role he wants Mbeki to play in dialogue.

Second Interview – SABC NEWS ( 12.40 Minutes)

On SABC, Chamisa was trapped with the issues of sanctions. The interviewer spent a lot of time trying to prove that Chamisa called for sanctions.

Chamisa explained that he wanted to meet Mnangagwa, but it is not clear what the meeting would be.

Chamisa said he had not met Mnangawa since the elections 2 years ago, he said he was very disappointed that Mnangagwa is not willing to meet. He said he was hoping for Mbeki to arrange meeting between him and Mnangagwa.

Chamisa said it was urgent for Mbeki to come back to Zimbabwe.

Third Interview – JJ Tabane on Newzroom Africa (24.31 Minutes)

In this interview, Nelson Chamisa struggled the most. While he was able to describe the problems in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa struggled to describe his plans going forward.

Specifically, Chamisa was not able to explain how he would remove Mnangagwa before the next elections.
Chamisa was also unable to explain how he intends to deal with the Thokozani Khupe issue.

Nelson Chamisa, while in touch with the people’s suffering, is failing to explain how he will move forward. He is now banking on Thabo Mbeki to help him negiotiate with ED Mnangagwa before the 2023 elections.

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