Dzivarasekwa man catches wife red-handed bedding best friend

In yet another adultery case that exposes the deplorable surge in the number of extramarital sexual affairs between married couples in the country, an unidentified man was recently filmed being brutally assaulted for allegedly bedding the assailant’s wife who, shockingly, is his friend.

The fracas reportedly ensued after the unidentified man was allegedly caught red-handed bonking his friend’s wife at a house in the high-density suburb of Dzivarasekwa.

In the undated video making rounds on social media, the man appears drenched in blood after being severely assaulted by his alleged mistresses’ husband. Residents gathered around can be heard jeering and threatening to expose the illicit sex scandal to whistleblower tabloid newspaper, H-Metro .

Watch cheat busted chowing best friend’s wife is brutally assaulted…

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