Woman performs oral se_x on 3-year-old boy

In yet another disturbing case of child sexual abuse, a 24-year-old Shamva woman working as a maid in Harare’s medium density suburb allegedly had oral sex with her employer’s three-year-old child who was left under her supervision.

The accused (name withheld) is alleged to have inserted the three-year-old boy’s penis into her mouth and sucked it after bathing him. Using the same modus operandi the accused repeatedly violated the minor.

Newsguard is informed through the online publication, Zimmorningpost , that the nasty ordeal only came to light after the accused resigned and the complainant’s mother employed a new maid.

The minor reportedly then asked the new maid to perform on him what the previous maid did which led to the accused’s subsequent arrest.

Appearing before Harare Magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa, facing aggravated assault charges, the accused was not asked to plead.
According to the state, during the period extending from April to December 2019, the complainant would allegedly bath the complainant almost daily.

The court heard that the accused would each time after bathing him suck his manhood. The victim is reported to have felt some pain at first but later got used to the ordeal. The complainant was referred to a Harare hospital for a medical affidavit.

The accused was denied bail.The mater was remanded to January 28.
In two related cases, iHarare last week reported that a 21-year-old Zimbabwean woman who works as a domestic worker was arrested for allegedly teaching her employer’s 4-year-old son to caress the buttocks, breasts and private parts of a woman.

We understands that the offence came to light after the minor tried some of the moves he had been taught on his mother and grandmother in separate incidents. The woman was arrested after the minor revealed that she was the one who had been teaching him the se_x moves.

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