Registrar general Accountants Force Co-Workers To Resign At Gun-Point

Nasty revelations have emerged on the alarming levels of corruption at the Registrar General (RG)’s offices.

Information gathered by this publication from online publication, Zimmorningpost, has exposed alleged shenanigans that took centre stage at the offices last year. Two corruption accused accountants at the RG offices who were being targetted by an internal audit allegedly forced other employees to sign resignation papers at gun-point in an alleged ‘corruption blitz.’

Inside sources that spoke to the publication confirmed the revelations and identified the two accountants only as Bwanya and Makiwa.

“The guys are both in the accounts department. They all forced some employees to resign at gunpoint in October.”

Shockingly, Bwanya and Makiwa allegedly had the blessings of the RG to use such means to extract corruption-related information among employees within the organisation. Consequently, no action was reportedly taken against the two.

A senior manager at the RG office said.

Zacc should investigate what is happening at the RG’s office. Corruption there is rife and stinking. If action is not taken, there will be disaster there.

Efforts by the publication to get a comment from the RG, Clemence Masango, were not fruitful as he was not picking his phone.

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