Watch: Zimbabwean Police having meals like animals

Zimbabweans have bemoaned the state of the Police Mess after a leaked video showed police officers eating a meal. In the video, a group of at least a dozen police officers are standing at a table with no plates. Instead, the police officers are eating what appears to be sadza and relish from the same chafing dishes regardless of rank or sex.

Most Zimbabweans online are of the opinion that it is undignified and humiliating for the guardians of the law to be eating this way. Some also said that this might explain why police officers seem to have a penchant for selective enforcement of the law and why they are always brutalising citizens instead of using more humane methods of policing.

The police have also faced huge criticism for extorting citizens, particularly motorists.
It’s not yet clear where the police officers were when they had this meal.

See the video below:

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