‘Chamisa being used to win support for Kasuwere’

By Keith Mlauzi

Out spoken political commentator Matigari has revealed some shocking details on how Jonathan Moyo and Mlevu have planned to use Chamisa to get votes for Kasuwere in his 2023 Presidential campaign .

The outspoken socialite made a twitter thread where he explained what is happening in the political scenes. In the thread he stated that Chamisa is at his worst and is very confused and clueless on what to do.

The plan is for Kasukuwere to get some supporters from Zanu PF while Jonathan Moyo and Mlevu work on getting their claws into MDC for their new party Zanu PF G40.

” Kasukuwere will make attempts at chipping away supporters from Zanu PF. Jonathan Moyo on the other hand will drill his way into the MDC,” read a tweet.

According to Matigari, Mlevu is already one of Chamisa’s advisors. This was a planned move.

“Once Mlevu has gained a foothold into the MDC, he will at the right time pry and chip away a section of the MDC and merge it with Kasuwere’s Zanu PF G40,” said Matigari.

He continued to say this will be easy because MDC is already a devided house and some of Chamisa’s followers have already begun losing confidence in him. This has made Chamisa more vulnerable to Mlevu and his ideas.

“The problem emanates from various factions within MDC ,and partly due to interaction with G40. Even many former ardent Nerrorists are losing confidence in him. The more this happens the more he falls into Mlevu’s hands and the more Mlevu sells his G40 to Wamba,” he added.

Source Newsguard

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