ZRP reign on money changers and touts

FORTY-SIX people were this week arrested for touting and causing obstruction along pavements in the CBD.

Speaking during the Crime Awareness Campaign conducted an awareness campaign on gender based violence focusing on the 16 days of activism and drug use and abuse at ranks, Harare Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova touts and people milling around were a menace in the CBD.

“We are facing challenges when it comes to touts, they verbally abuse women and children in streets and ranks.

“Most of these touts will be under the influence of alcohol and drugs, this week we have arrested 46 people for obstructions and most of them were money changers,” said Ass Insp Dzvova.

Ass Insp Dzvova said many families had lost children to alcoholism and drug abuse while domestic violence had become common in young marriages.

“Cases of infidelity are on the rise as some women attempt to even up on lost rights.

“Beer is not everything there is a life to live after drinking, our campaign is mainly focusing on youths especially those at ranks who are abusing drugs and alcohol.

“Acquire skills and be counted, the world needs skilled youths and skilled workers to build a better future.” said Ass Insp Dzvova.
Police said they had deployed some police officers to protect passengers this festive season.

“People are supposed to travel safely without being harassed and it is our duty as the police to protect the public.

“The main reason for this campaign is to put an end to gender based violence at ranks,” he said.
Speaking at the same event Passengers Association of Zimbabwe president Tafadzwa Goliati urged the public to work together to put an end to gender based violence at ranks.

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