Four men gang rape a dog

Four men allegedly gang-raped a dog leaving him in pool of blood after mutilating his genitalia.

The dog, whose breed is unknown, allegedly had its legs tied together and bent while it was being horrifically sexually assaulted.

Non-government organisation Animals Matter to Me (AMTM) said the injured animal had been taken to a veterinary clinic in Mumbai, India, for treatment.

It was found in the Malwani Church area laying in a pool of blood and screaming in pain.

Dr Ankita Pathak, founder of AMTM told the
Deccan Chronicle the dog is suffering from severe trauma.

She said said the animal screams with fear whenever someone tries to touch it – adding that it appears someone had bent his hind legs near the pelvis.

Doctors are trying to stabilize the dog and reduce the injection caused by severe and prolonged bleeding, reports Times Now News .

Local resident Sudha Fernandes said she regularly fed the dog, but spotted it struggling and yelping in pain.

She said she was later told by a local driver that four men, who were drunk at the time, had attacked the dog.

The driver had reportedly heard the screams of the dog and came to help, before the four accused fled.
Sudha Fernandes said she will file a police complaint.

It it not known if an investigation has been launched.

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