Watch Video: People fight for three T-shirts at anti-sanctions march

By keith Mlauzi

Kune maT-shirts atichakupai kunema T-shirts!!

You probably would remember this punch line very well but seems Mnangagwa’s regime can’t even provide tshirts for a few hundred of people that attended their so called anti-sanctions march.

It just seems E.Ds government is incapable of fulfilling any of their promises to an extent they can’t even provide enough T-shirts for a few hundreds that attended their so called anti-sanctions march today in Harare.

The march which was definitely not a success was attended by a few hundreds of people possibly those brought from rural areas to town by government organized transport.

A video of people scrambling for three t-shirts at this government event has been making rounds on social media.

This is surely a disgrace to our own government.

Watch Video below

Source Newsguard

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