Woman cuts off boyfriend’s P_€nis with garden scissors during s_€x

A 28-year-old woman will spend thirteen years in jail after she chopped off her boyfriend’s 4-5 two years ago.

Brenda Barattini cut off her boyfriend’s 4-5 during s_x because he had allegedly shared their s_x tapes with friends.

Brenda was found guilty of the attempted murder of Sergio Fernandez, 42.

According to the, the accountant confessed that she had planned the attack on November 25, 2017, but said she had not intended to kill her former lover.

Her trial in Cordoba, Argentina, heard how Barattini cut through 90 per cent of musician Sergio’s p _nis with garden scissors after blindfolding him and performing a s_x act on him.

The publications reported that she wanted revenge on her then-boyfriend because he had been sharing X-rated pictures and videos of her, claiming he treated her like a ‘trophy’.

He told the court: ‘After she put the blindfold on she told me I had to guess where she was touching me.

‘She also wanted to tie me up, but I didn’t let her. She began to practice oral s__x on me.

‘I suddenly felt something. She wanted to kill me in that second.

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