Pastor Haunted by Satan

FOR as long as she can remember, all she wanted was to be a pastor at a big church.

So Lenah Lesufi was ordained, launched a church and prayed in the bush to connect with God.

But two years ago evil spirits started haunting her!

Lenah (45), said mysterious things started happening in her house.

She said she moved three times to try get away from the terror but it followed her.

Lenah said she started hearing the voices of dead relatives, neighbours and congregants.

She said they visited her every night and during the day.

“They say bad things to me. Some say I have aborted children, while other say I will never have a successful church and I’m a bad person.

“The voices go away for some hours whenever I pray but they are starting to make me go crazy,” Lenah said.

“I have gone everywhere for help. I even went to a psychiatrist and he said I was fine.”

Her husband, Peter Motsene (58), said he wanted peace in their home.

“This is really sad and stressful. We can’t sleep at night because of the voices she hears,” Peter said.

“She has no peace and it’s affecting our household. She has lost weight and I don’t want to lose her.”

Traditional healer Sibongile Maluleka said something evil was terrorising Lenah.

“Evil people sometimes send creatures to people’s homes to force them to leave. It’s jealousy,” Sibongile said. “She should consult a strong traditional healer.”

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