N_udes for Sale

As the economy gets hard some ladies have taken it upon themselves to make some extra cash by selling their naked pictures.

A couple of ladies have appeared on social media advertising their new business where they sell their own nudes to willing buyers.

Buyers of these services get a package of a series of explicit images from the seller. Some of these packages include a explicit video call for nearly one hour.

NewsGuard met up with Zinhle who said this is an upgraded way of hooking up without giving away their ‘cookie’ to some random guys.

“I just do teasers for men who want to get horny but we dont just sleep with them,” said Zinhle.

Zinhle said if a customers decides that they want more than pictures and videos they will have to pay more.

“Videos and pictures cost about $10 but if they feel like they want to sleep with me then they will have to pay at least $80 for one round,” she added.

a snapshot from Amanda one of the sellers

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