Zanu Pf loot Cylone Idai Donations ?

It seems looting has been made a common religious practice in Zimbabwe even if it means stealing from the less privileged.

Reports have emerged claiming that Zanu Pf members have been stealing some of the donations made by Zimbabweans and the world for Cyclone Idai victims.

Donations were made from all across the world.

A video made by NewsDay emerged with victims claiming they were not given much food from the donations. Some said they were given only four cups of sugar beans to last them a month after they had lost everything. Some said they were kept waiting for more than 12 hours but nothing was given them.

Victims said they have been surviving on bananas and guavas but those were finished as baboons also ate the fruits meaning there was nothing left for them anymore.

Some victims said they were denied food simply because they were of the opposition party MDC.

“The food is being shared on political grounds, the real victims of the situation are being denied the donations but given to those that were not affected by the cyclone simply because they are Zanu PF members,” said a victim in the video.

These victims have not had food for two weeks after Cyclone Idai destroyed their homes leaving them with nothing.

Tendai Nyabanga Counselorof Chimanimani ward 16 who is in the Zanu PF disputed these claims saying everything was being shared equally to everyone.

“Everyone was affected we are using the names provided to help everyone we are doing our best to make sure everyone gets food,” she said.

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