Couple weds in Hospital

I Do ! What kind of Love ? Couldn’t they wait any longer ?

THEY had been planning their wedding for months but never thought it would be in a hospital! 

Godfrey Mogorosi and Winnie Mothibi planned to get married in Jan Kempdorp in the Northern Cape of South Africa on Saturday. 

But their plans changed after Godfrey was admitted to MediClinic Gariep on Friday. 

So the couple got married in one of the hospital’s wards, surrounded by their families. Winnie said:

“It wasn’t the day I had planned, but I was not going to let anything spoil my day.

The couple exchanging vows in a Hospital Ward

We had been planning the wedding for six months, but my husband got sick on Friday afternoon and was admitted to hospital.” She said the wedding venue was booked in Jan Kempdrop so her husband’s family suggested they get married at the hospital. 

“We spoke to hospital personnel and they agreed to give us a ward so the wedding could take place. Although it was filled with mixed feelings, our day was special,” she said. Winnie said their romance started in 2014 when they both worked at the Department of Agriculture. 

“I am a social worker and my husband worked in the MEC’s office. We had to work together during the course of my duties. None of us knew we would be sitting in hospital on our wedding day, but God has his own timing. 

“My husband is still in hospital and will be better soon,” she said. MediClinic Gariep spokeswoman Denise Coetzee said: “Godfrey was admitted to hospital for treatment on Friday. The hospital provided them with a ward to get married. We have had engagements at the hospital in the past, but never a wedding.” 

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