Vusa Blaqs Sabotaging artistes For Military Touch gain

RENOWNED videographer Vusa Blaqs is at the centre of an alleged fraud storm against Rockford Roki Josphat.

A source in the showbiz circles told NewsGuard that Blaqs conned Roki 1500 USD that was meant for the production of Tebere Video last year.

“Blaqs was given 1500USD to produce a music video for Roki, after he was paid he began giving excuses that he was too busy to do the video,” said the source.

Barely a month ago Blaqs was accused for sabotaging Enzo Ishall by producing a poor quality Magate video in favor of Jah Prayzah’s Kunerima video.

The source attested that Blaqs sabotaged Enzo because he wanted Jah Prayzah’s video to blow more that Magate which was already a hit.

“Even if you look at the quality of Magate and Kunerima the two videos are way too different Blaqs did it because he did not want Enzo to overlap Jah Prayzah,” he added.

The source said that the reason why Blaqs is sabotaging artiste is because he wants military touch to stay on top of the music game.

“He does not want independent artiste to do greater than Military Touch artistes if a musician asks Blaqs to produce a video for them the video is always poor quality, its not far considering he also charges a lot of money,” he said.

Roki confirmed these claims saying Blaqs is now playing hide and seek games with him.

“We paid Blaqs the money but now he seems to be hiding from me, I always heard stories about him not being honest but I never thought they were true now it’s happening to me,” said Roki.

Keen Mushapaidze a member of the Military Touch managing team said he does not know anything about these allegations, he also said only Blaqs knows about his deal with Roki Military Touch was not involved.

“I do not know anything about all these allegations we have been for every money we were paid we delivered, as for the Roki and Blaqs deal we were not involved” said Mushapaidze.

When Blaqs was contacted for a comment he said he was not ready to speak about the issues.

“I will not say anything to you,” said Blaqs.

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