Second third hand coffins for Sale !

The way world economy is turning against everyone would you mind to spend less for dead loved one and use a second hand or third hand coffin for their finale send off ?

Someone is willing to dig six feet under and pull up a coffin for reuse. Funeral Industry Reformed Association chairman Johan Rousseau said there have been reports of people stealing coffins after funerals.

123 coffin have been confirmed missing from their rightful graveyards. This has caused panic on people who have recently buried their loved one .

It is said that these coffins are being sold at cheaper prices and are sold at to poor families who are thought of not being able to purchase a good coffin for their loved ones.

Rousseau has warned those who are willing to buy used coffins or those who might find themselves buying a used coffin without knowing the risks that they is serious risk of body fluids leaking into ground water.

“When these second-hand coffins are used, they might not meet the requirements for burials. Coffins should not be sold to unlicensed funeral parlours,” he said.

One coffin maker met up with NewsGuard and said people need to be careful nowadays especially when they are desperate to cut out costs.

“its no use to get a used a coffin at cheap price when you do not know where its coming from then at the end of the day get affected when bad things start happening,” said Lionel Sibanda.

A Pastor from a local church says this leads to mixture of spirits and disaster happens.

“The inevitable is that when a person dies they go with their spirit and no two spirits can live peacefully in one house this then will affect the children and family of the defeated spirit,” said the Pastor who preferred not to be named.

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