Jah Signal a Stonyeni Freak

As one of his songs goes “Sigi wakaipa!!!”

It seems Stonyeni hit maker is living up to his rhythms.

High ridding Zim dancehall chanter Jah Signal is a serial womaniser as allegations from his ex wife have surfaced claiming he has slept with atleast 15 different  women in the past six months.

Presh Dlowayo is Signal’s ex wife and the two have a child together, how ever the couple was not formally married.

Dlawayo said she stopped offering stonyeni to her baby daddy after she realised that he was sleeping with a whole bunch of women thus she feared for her health.

“I discovered that he was involved in sexual relationships with 14 other women which meant I was the 15th person whom he was sleeping with. He was sexually involved with these women in a space of six months and I got to know about it from text messages and he confessed to me when he once contracted an STI,” said Dlawayo

Dlawayo also disclosed that she took care of Jah Signal before he had hit the limelight but now she is being treated like trash.

Jah has rubbished all these allegations but admitting to that Presh is his ex wife.

” Her actual name is Perpe and she is my former wife. You know how it is my brother someone can dump you without any justification, but at the same time trying to clear her name,” he said.

Jah Signal and his manager have threatened to press charges against Presh for character deformation.

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