Mis Red Jah Prayzah let the cat out of the bag

Well Played JP and Mis Red!

When everyone was busy trying to find out what was really happening between Jah Prayzah and the curvy Missy Mis Red Jah has finally let the cat out of the bag.

A couple of days ago a cosy picture of Mis Red and Jah Prayzah broke the internet leaving so much room of speculation on what was really happening between the two public figures.

Jah Prayzah and Mis Red in a cosy picture which left tongues tie

Just before the picture of the due broke out Mis Red had broken the internet with her picture exposing her mouthwatering thighs and how well shaped her body is.

Little did the public know it was all a publicity stunt to promote the newly released love song Video.

After keeping so many people on the edges of their seats Jah Prayzah dropped his Kunerima video clearing the air that they was really nothing romantic going on between him and the bootylicious radio presenter (At least thats all we know for now)

Kunerima is a love song probably dedicated for this upcoming Valentines day.

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