Jah Signal Backlashed over Stonyeni Video

After dropping his Stonyeni video the stonyeni guy has not received so much criticism for his Video.

Most people would have expected the video to be a world class video but it wasnt so as most people say it was void and lacked content.

Comments on YouTube about the video poured in telling the artiste to try work harder next time or perhaps change the team he is working with.

“Quality video but too idle and lacks context,” read Blessing Muzekenyi’s comment about the video.

“1-The vid is too fast 2- We were expecting more dancers 3- Was it necessary though to make a video,” said another Follower.

It seems most followers of the artiste are not pleased with the concept of the video after all.

“This is poor i think zimdancehall they shuld just focus on audios,” said Tinashe Mukovo in the comment section.

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