Zodwa goes on coffin shopping spree

Shocker !

When Slay queens are going to Dubai, Singapore and around the world to upgrade their wardrobes . South African panty less controversial dancer Zodwa wabantu has gone on a shocker shopping spree to prepare for her death.

Zodwa yesterday went all out to select and choose her most preferred coffin

The dancer bought her self a coffin that is worthy 150 thousand rands which is estimated at 11112.07 US DOLLARS.

The dancer says the reason why she had to do this is because she does not want her family to struggle with purchasing a coffin after she has died.

Also she does not want people to speak bad about her life.

“I do not want people to go around after my death saying i lived a good life but failed to take good care of my family and now they are suffering with getting a good coffin for myself,” she said.

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