King BL a diamond in the rough

he gave away all for music

From being head of digital design at an e-commerce company William Sampind known by his stage name as King Bl gave in all he had in a bid to make way into the music industry.

Sampind who was based in Cape Town and had a stable job last year decided to drop everything and focus on what he thought was his calling.

“ I was based in Cape Town and I had a good job but it wasn’t fulfilling for me so sometime last year the musical calling grew louder in me that’s when I decided to drop everything and come back home and start working on music,” said Sampind

The Hip Hop artiste came back home in March 2018 and says so far he has done great things and for the first time he feels fulfilled doing what he really loves.

“When I left everything I had in Cape Town I never thought I will make it but all I had was hope and faith, but it has been good it seems I’m doing great, I’m being recognised and it’s what makes me happy,” he added.

True to his word Sampind has been nominated for the best chorus at the Changamire Hip Hop awards that are set to take place club Sankayi on 30 January.

“I am being noticed, I’ve been nominated for the best Hip Hop chorus and so far I am doing more great I will be having so many collaborations this year,” he said.

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