Another ‘stay away’ looms

Is it what people really want ?

After almost a week of ‘stay away’ and two days of terror are Zimbabweans really ready to go into another ‘stay away’?

Calls on social media are making rounds that citizens should prepare for yet another national shut down next week from 23 January.

But the real question is. Are the citizens willing or these civic groups and unions are just making a call inspired by their selfish interests?

In 2016 a stay away was planned and it was ofcause on social media again agreed that no violence but violence always finds a way into such events. This year again on Monday and Tuesday Zimbabwe witnesses most of the ugliest scenes in the History of a ‘Peaceful’ nation.

So now back to my question . Are Zimbabweans ready for another stay away, Another two to three days of violence. What guarantee has been issued that violence won’t prevail on these stay aways?

We say we want to fix an economy but this year’s stay away costed Zimbabwe am estimated 1,6 billion dollars. Now how are we going to recover.

A total of 700 suspects across the nation has been arrested hundreds were injured and some left breathless (dead).

Demonstrations are part of everyone’s constitutional rights of done lawfully and peacefully.

Is another stay away really worth it ? Even if 700 suspects have been arrested this doesn’t give much guarantee that the same events of 14 and 15 January will not repeat itself.

NewsGuard condemns all acts of violence and would like to advice people to avoid visiting hot areas.

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2 thoughts on “Another ‘stay away’ looms

  1. Its ok for Gvt to burn through 16Billion in diamonds or buy luxury SUVs and all other things that this or previous Gvts have done to the people.. Lets stop to realise that this Gvt has violated so many human rights including the right to life.. No amount of money will cover that.. They shut tje internet down.. Becz of what.. ? Lets be real.. When the people are pushed.. There is so much they can take before they SNAP and turn into arnachy.. Or worse.. ZRP displaced crowds protesting which started the running battles and caused the damage you state.. Why arent you seening the people’s narrative.. Fuel price hikes.. Cost of living. Etc. While our officials live life nyc their children in overseas Schools n they get treatment in other countries.. Tell us how much do u think that costs

    1. I understand your concern
      I think these guys are saying do we have what it takes to go for another three days of starving is it what we really want or we want change but can’t go through the process of change

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