Zim Government in desparate bid to quench down protests

Keith Mlauzi

The government of Zimbabwe on 15 January 2019 in a desparate bid to quench down protests that had taken place in two major cities Bulawayo and Harare switched off internet services.

Internet services where unavailable for more than 16 hours as the government wanted to quench down protests that had left infrastructure destroyed and other shops vandalized.

These protests where believed to have been spread through social media.

This how ever had no much of an effect as the western surbubs of Bulawayo continued to witness protests and looting of grocery shops regardless the absence of internet services.

Never the less the city centre was peaceful but tanse with security forces everywhere trying to maintain peace and the law.

Internet services have been switched back on but network is still bad and hopefully will be fixed soon.

Shops still remain closed and all businesses not functioning this has left many citizens starving as basic commodities where nowhere to be found.

It is hoped that from today (Thursday 17 January 2019) everything will be back to normal and it will be business as usual.

The government believes these were acts of terror and had nothing to do with a stay away but politically motivated “Kudira jecha”

The government has said citizens are safe to go back to work and law and order have been maintained.

*NewsGuard condemns all acts of violence that took place and would like to argue citizens to remain peaceful*

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