Update of Shutdown In Bulawayo

Picture from a protest in Harare months ago

Keith Mlauzi

Roads have been blocked, people advised to stay at home but is it effective enough ?

For anyone who has never been to Bulawayo and decides to visit today, will probably think its Business as usual in the Central Business District. They is a sight of few people in the CBD and some major shops are opened and a number of people are doing their shopping (Some are panic buying).

To the locations protests have already sparked as people are being discouraged to go into town and those in kombis (Taxis or any public transport) are being returned home, protestors have blocked major roads that lead to the CBD.

They are no sights of violence as yet and people are protesting peacefully; however the police are alert of the situation and are guarding the city religiously as they have been placed on street corners to monitor any violent movements.

These protests have come as a result of high prices that were worsened by the President of Zimbabwe during the weekend when he announced that fuel prices will go up by over 100% this has caused other basic commodities to hike prices as well.

Mr Mnangagwa and his Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube have since left the country to Europe for the World Economic Forum.

NewsGuard condemns all acts of violence and would like to advice people to avoid visiting hot areas.


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