Zimbabweans plan ShutDown

Keith Mlauzi

After the Presidential announcement of new fuel prices to go up by over 100% Zimbabwean citizens are calling for a national shutdown.

WhatsApp groups have been created to keep Citizens updated on the current situation and how the shut down will take place.

If these plans downs go as planned Zimbabweans are likely to witness the 2016 Evan Mawarire shutdown that brought the whole nation at stand still with businesses and shops not opening all employees not reporting to work.

After the fuel prices increase by the President other commodities have also increased.

Bulawayo residents have received messages from transport bodies that transport fare has been raised as well.

The President of Zimbabwe Mr Mnangagwa will be leaving the nation to for a world Economic Forum in Davos this week where he expects to attract potential investors but however this has always been the daily talk that has never brought any tangible results.

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