Marriage destroyed as wife refuses to take selfies

Happily ever after did not last long after hubby wants to move with the times and spice up his marriage life through creating lasting memories with his wife.

56-year-old Tshidiso Sethunya who customarily got married to his wife in 2014 is facing a hard time in his marriage after trying to convince his wife to start making memories together and make their love life a memorable one. However things went wrong as his wife refused to be part of her hubby’s plans.

It seems as if his wife has some Scopophobia (fear of the camera) as she has refused to take pictures and even have a phone with a camera.

“She does not want to take selfies. She does not even want to use a phone with a camera,” said Tshidiso.

Tshidiso has been left with no choice than to think that his wife is probably cheating on him and doesnt want  to leave any footprints anywhere.

“What else can I do other than to think she is cheating on me?”

Tshidiso also added that he once suggested they should do video calls since he is always away from home on work for almost six months, but his wife could not give in.

“All I suggested was to see my wife’s face when I speak to her on the phone,” he said.

“But she won’t allow it.”

Tshidiso Sethunya’s wife Lenah Jiyane (43), uses an older model phone.

He said her phone is always on silent.

“I have been asking my wife for us to use smartphones, but she won’t do it,” he said.

Everytime Lenah’s phone rings she goes out and answer it in the absence of his husband .

“And when she speaks on the phone she goes outside.”

He said that he wants his wife to play her part in making the marriage a success.

Tshidiso mainly needs selfies to trust his wife again, he believes taking pictures with her will work the magic.


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