Young school girl challenges Bev and Kiki Badass in #50Magate Challenge

Its not over until its over !!

When it seemed as if Bev had dropped the finale bomb on Enzo Ishall’s trending #50Magate Challenge an unidentified school girl has made her grand entrance into the game.

After every one has posted their #50Magate Challenge video Bev made her late entrance and was trending yesterday as it seemed as if no any other better challenge would emerge after her video, no wonder they didn’t see this coming.

A video shared by Enzo on his Instagram page has proved that the challenge is just got hotter and it will only get better.

The school girl in the video really knew how to use her behind .Bev and kikky better watch out for this lytie she is a threat unto you all

The Kanjiva hit maker has been making serious waves in the music industry since last year and it looks like he won’t be stopping at anyting to be the greatest he can be ..

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