Nox & Tallyn a match made in Hell

It seems 2019 is looking great for urban groover Enock-Nox-Guni who has revealed his Bae to the public.

Nox is dating controversial UK based nurse Tallyn Ndudzo who has left nothing but bad footprints where ever she has stepped.

Ndudzo last year in August made rounds on social media and mainstream media after she allegedly tried to ‘destroy’ between Olinda and Tytan’s love onion.

In her chats with the Mukoko hit maker the 26-year-old curvy said Tytan’s marriage would end and he will come running to her because she will give him better sex…

Apart from trying to destroy Zimbabwe’s greatest love story was in 2016 accused for stealing form vulnerable adults at day care ahe worked for 16 cases of theft were opened against her. Ofcause some nudes also made rounds which was reported as abuse to the patients, how ever she came to her defence claiming it wasn’t her but her ‘evil’ sister who was using her name to get away with her bad deeds. How true ?

Its good the wayward woman has finally found love!

As for Nox not much of a bad publicity but we can’t pretend to forget how the Ndinonyara hit maker headlined the media after a girl he was flitting with (Nicole Mtisti) exposed him and their sexual conversation which led to Nox’s junk making rounds all over the media.

In 2016 October another round Nox’ nudes that had shaken social media between August and September of the same year made yet other headlines just incase anyone had missed an opportunity to see the pint sized artiste’s gigabite or kilobite (which ever you think is best) leaked by girl friend identified as Amai Gamu or Amai Guru.

Present day;

Nox posted a cosy picture with current ‘bae’ on his instagram page but fans could not help but roast the couple. The artiste could not help but lost his cool after one follower commented “you just looking for a ticket to go settle in UK” the artiste then responded very unprofessionally by saying “mhata”.

With all the trash surrounding the couple, would they be able to prove to society that they can be the “power couple” after all they have a lot in common. Nox is 36-years-old whilst Ndudzo is 26 which is a reasonable age difference we hope Nox is mature enough to handle the hottie..

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