Bus Preacher Mercilessly beaten as Condom falls off his Bible

A man of God in a bus was beaten mercilessly because a condom fell off from his Bible after preaching.
The shocking incident happened yesterday January 12, 2020 in Anambra state, Nigeria.

Some of the believers were of the opinion that he’s being hypocritical and adds to the reasons people have lost hope and faith in men of God in that country.

The onitsha man of God might have not been aware of the condom in between his Bible but the notion accrued from this is that he might be a fornicator yet carrying the Bible. Which was somewhat seen as hypocrisy.

According to an eye witness, 3 kiss condoms fell of the man of God’s bible when he opened to collect offering from the passengers who wished to help his ministry.

The self- acclaimed man of God admitted he does this for business and not really for the true word of God whiles shouting and pleading to the angry men who pounced on him.

However, Policemen who were called to the scene to save the pastors life have made 2 arrests as investigations continue.

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