Latest :Jah Prayzah and Ex-Q’s Fallout – Millitary Touch Exit!

By Harare Updates

Winter 2017 , we all woke up to the shocker of our lives when Jah Prayzah announced he had signed top talented artists to his newly record label.

The announcement was debuted with a golf themed picture with Tahle weNzinza , Andy Muridzo , Ex- Q , Nutty O and J.P himself.

Fans had mixed feelings towards it as many people already accused J.P of being bossy towards other artists.
Andy Muridzo’s career went down in the drain as his original fans deserted him because he was allegedly forced to change his sound by Jah Prayzah.

Nutty O’s career bloomed unlike it was at Kenako but after he had an interview on radio talking about how his music was being shelved for later release , fans were convinced J.P was deeming his shine so he can only be on the spotlight.

Andy Muridzo left , Tahle left , we never heard much about the NewGuy and nomore new music from Nutty O.

Although Ex-Q’s exit was not a dramatic one , it never flooded social media but fans are speculating that it might have been put a pause on their friendship after J.P did not wish Mr Putiti a happy birthday like in the last years.

Fans think even if they no longer work together , there should still be a friendship.However , Mr Putiti was showing love to JP on his insta story over his interview on zbc radio last week.

At the end of the day , some fans think MTM was a blessing to these artist as it put them on the spotlight with a great touch.

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