3 years in Prison for teenage maid

In a tragic tale, a 19-Year-Old maid who worked for a Nkulumane based family in Bulawayo has been arrested after she strangled and slit her newborn baby’s throat.

Happiness Ndebele worked for Ms Typhania Ngwenya who suspected that she was pregnant.

Ndebele was sentenced to 36 months in jail which were suspended on condition that she performs 210 hours of community service at a local primary school.

The maid told the court that she didn’t know why she killed her baby.
Prosecuting, Mr Tony Kamudyariwa said on April 15, Ndebele was asked by Ms Ngwenya if she was pregnant.
Upon seeing blood stains in the house and in the maid’s bedroom, Ms Ngwenya threatened Ndebele that if she did not tell her the truth she would call the police.

Ndebele confessed that she had given birth and killed the baby leading to her arrest.

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