Model claims she has never been kissed and wants to be a nun

I am Celibate and i wanna be a nun !

Although the modelling industry has become synonymous with s_ex and n_udity, A Harare based model has claimed that she yet to change the narrative by remaining chaste and also becoming a nun.

Having strong catholic roots, 20-year old model, Oniel Chimwanda has claimed that she would want to be a catholic nun even though she is currently doing modelling which has gained a bad reputation
The H-Metro reports that, Chimwanda claims that she has not kissed any man before and is not involved with any man

”I haven’t kissed any boy and I am not seeing anyone at the moment preparing myself to step as a nun. I have so much respect for the church and would love to keep myself upright until I finish the race,” she added

Chimwanda is student at the Catholic university and is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Business Management and Information Technology.

” I only pursued modelling beginning last year when I joined Iconic modelling agency and I am now worried about mixing the two as long as I keep my morals upright,” she said.

Chimwanda also added that , ”Both my parents support my decision to convert and I will immediately pursue the training after I complete my studies. And mixing the two, they have urged me never to lose my morality by making sure I don’t invite scandals in my modelling career”

The model told the paper that she was hoping to promote Catholicism by being a nun and also added urged other models to uphold their morals and not go to such lengths as being n_aked to be recognized.

”I want to be different and inspire young girls that they can achieve whatever they want and do catwalk, but still remain with morals,”

Contrary to remarks Chimwanda made in an interview with the H-Metro, that she was not seeing any man, the model is reported to have recently posted a photograph on social media in the company of a male in which captioned ”Hunbae💕

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